September 2011

2nd Strasbourg Report

The second Strasbourg session this month has been something of a damp squib. This trip was deemed necessary in order to fulfil the parliament's commitment to hold 12 sessions a year in Strasbourg. The session was largely pointless, with attendance in the chamber even poorer than usual.


The EU supporting terrorists

The European Parliament is generally friendly to the idea of a Palestinian state. I have written in the past of my belief in National Self-Determination as a basic human right, and I remain committed to that ideal. I think that the situation in Palestine is somewhat unique, and very delicate; and so in this case it is extremely important that the Palestinian claim is handled carefully and sensitively, and that the timing is right.

Certain elements within the Parliament, however, want to see this claim steamrollered through, and I must question their reasons for this. There is certainly a strong anti-Israeli sentiment here.

I was somewhat shocked to read, in a report authored the Greek Socialist Maria Eleni Koppa, who sits alongside the British Labour Party in Strasbourg, that "the occupied territories are to be considered as Palestinian territory and not as Israel territory." and calling for an " Interim Association Agreement on trade and cooperation between the European Community, of the one part, and the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO)"

Needless to say, I voted against this madness.

State of The Union

President Barroso made his annual state of the union address in Strasbourg this week. It was not well received, and this is the second time this month that the President has been given a rough ride. After the debate I published the following statement Click here

The European Globalisation Adjustment Fund (EGF)

The EGF exists in order to help redundant workers to retrain and to find new jobs. It is a sizeable fund, with some €357 million having been spent so far.

Not one red eurocent of this money has come to Britain to help redundant British workers.

When British workers were laid off at Ryton following the relocation of Peugeot to Slovakia, none of them benefited from this fund. On mainland Europe, however, redundant workers from Peugeot, Renault, Volvo, and a host of other companies in the automotive sector received generous funding.

Here is my speech to Parliament on the subject


Download this pdf so you can see where the money went to click here.


Tories running scared....

It is possible for an MEP to question a speaker in the parliament by holding up a blue card to attract the attention of the president. I tried to question Conservative MEP Julie Girling, to ask her why the British government has never tried to access the EGF to help put people back into work. She refused to accept my question, which I considered to be somewhat rude, and certainly cowardly.

Campaign For A Referendum

We have achieved our first goal of collecting 100,000 signatures. We need to keep the pressure on, if you haven't already please join us and sign the petition by clicking the link below.

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