November 2011

A Burden on Business

A Commission proposal that could stifle British entrepreneurship was amended and passed by the European Parliament this week. The proposal will require anybody seeking to register a public company in any EU member state to deposit a surety of €25,000 before they begin trading.

A similar rule already applies in Belgium, where red tape and high taxes force many into the black economy.

I voted against the proposal, unlike Conservative, Labour, and Lib Dem MEPs who all supported it.

Middle East

Following my visit to Israel and Palestine two weeks ago, I met with an Israeli diplomat based in London for discussions. Palestine is, of course, a former British protectorate, and so I feel that as a UK politician it is incumbent upon me to speak out wherever possible in support of human rights in the region, and to give my support to a non-violent solution to the current impasse. I take no side in this dispute, I only wish for peace, and for a bright future for all in the region. I thank all, Israeli and Palestinian, for the wonderful hospitality that was extended to me on my visit.

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Speaking Out

These are important times. The Eurozone is in crisis, and a referendum on our continued membership of the EU has become a major source of discussion. As a non-attached and independent Member of the European Parliament I have the ability to punch above my weight, and am often able to speak and to table questions in high level debates. This past week I made no less than 10 speeches in parliament, and was also interviewed on the BBC.

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• "Is there a future in Europe?"
• "Be gone with your begging bowls, plague us no more"
• "How can you ask for a budget increase when millions of Euros are unaccounted for?"
• "Remember the last country that tried to unify European countries by force?"
• Nikki Sinclaire and Marta Andreasen team up to blast the EU on their lack of accountability
• "Be proud of your national heritage, if you can, i am proud of mine!"
• "No to the Single European Railway Report"
• "Talk about promoting democracy? You should allow it to be reinstated in member states!"

21 November 2011
Nikki in Afghanistan

Nikki has just returned from a fact-finding visit to British Forces at Camp Bastion, Afghanistan.

As part of Nikki's role in the RAF Parliamentary Scheme, She was briefed on Britain's role within The International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) by senior officers General Bucknell and Brigadier Patrick Sanders. She also took the opportunity to discuss conditions and operations with soldiers from across the West Midlands.
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Campaign For A Referendum NEW Petition

We have achieved our first goal of collecting 120,000+ signatures gaining the debate in Parliament we wanted on 24th October. We need to keep the pressure on! So we have started a NEW petition 31st October 2011. Please sign this petition even if you signed the petition before the

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