JUNE 2013

Strasbourg Report

The EU – Sick Man of the Developed World!

As the Eurozone crisis deepens, leaders prepared to gather in Brussels for yet another summit. In Strasbourg, Commission president Barosso gave a less than inspiring speech to an unconvinced chamber. I pointed out to him that even former chancellor Nigel Lawson has said that it is time for Britain to leave the EU.

The summit, of course, has achieved nothing....


A Challenge to David Cameron.


There is a tradition in the European Parliament whereby heads of state and heads of government address MEPs for half an hour or so. These speeches are embarrassingly scheduled for halfway through the voting. This is done because otherwise MEPs simply would not turn up. As it is, most run off to grab a bite to eat as the guest begins to speak.

But there is one leader that MEPs would love to have in the chamber – David Cameron!

The anti-British sentiment often runs high in the chamber – at times of crisis continentals love to find somebody else to blame for their woes, as we all know so well.

So I have issued a challenge to the Prime Minister – come to Strasbourg and explain to us all exactly how you intend to negotiate with people who have clearly stated that there will be no negotiations. Come and tell us which powers you intend to repatriate. That should be fun to watch!


Baroness Baiting.

Even I am starting to feel sorry for Baroness Ashton. Her popularity rating is zero, and one after another MEPs line up to attack her inaction and lack of coherent policy. I was able to question her over her call for more powers, when she had previously stated in the House of Lords that the Lisbon Treaty – which created her present job for her – represented no fundamental transfer of power to the EU.

I also raised the matter of her attendance at the Champions League Final this year. I hope that this freebie is recorded in her declaration of interests!



Social Housing

The lack of affordable housing is a problem across the EU. To address this, they want to establish a Housing Observatory – yet another bureaucratic nonsense at taxpayer's expense.  I am pleased to say that we managed to vote this one out – by just one vote!


And Finally....

I was pleased to give an interview to EU Reporter, which gave me a chance to further explain my challenge to the Prime Minister.



We Demand A Referendum!

I am delighted with the growing response to the campaign. My staff are kept busy all day with phone calls and correspondence, and was never as confident about any campaign as I am about this one.
Thank you to everybody for your work, your support, and your generous donations. Let's keep the pressure on!

We Demand a Referendum - NEW PARTY

We Demand a Referendum is a new political party which will stand in the 2014 European Elections. We are giving the electorate the chance to directly call for an In Out Eu referendum at the ballot box.

You can join the Facebook group here, and we are on twitter at @lettheppldecide. The website for the new party is at www.wedemandareferendum.org
Please support this new party and pledge your vote for 2014. Those who pledge their vote will receive a FREE pledge card.

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