Nothing Noble About This Prize!

I am not the only person who was dumbfounded by the decision to award a Nobel Peace Prize to the EU.
Just a few weeks ago I was in Cyprus, an island that remains under partial Turkish occupation. Under the EU's own rules, Cyprus should not have been granted accession to the Union until this border dispute was settled. Instead of putting pressure on Turkey, itself an aspiring EU member, the Commission just swept the problem under the carpet in the interests of political expidiency. That was a disgrace, and an insult to the families of the 1619 who went 'missing' after the Turkish invasion.
On Monday I spoke out about this in parliament.


Another Summit, Another Botch Job....

After yet another European Council Summit, the Eurozone looks no better than it has done for the last year or so.
The time for picking over the corpse is over. I used my time in parliament on Tuesday to call for an in or out referendum. That is all that matters now, and the sooner we settle this, the better for all concerned.


Jerry Built?

The European Parliament in Brussels is falling to pieces, or at least the debating chamber is. It was built on a river, and the foundations are not in good shape, and subsidence is taking its toll.
This may mean that plenary sessions scheduled for Brussels will have to be tacked onto Strasbourg sessions, meaning even more time there.


Thoughts on Conservative Euroscepticism...

Greater harmonisation and integration, with the European Commission penalising member states who fail to toe the line. That is what Tory MEP Jaqui Foster wants!
The former trolley dolly and lobbyist on behalf of the airline industry is pushing her 'Single European Sky Initiative'. This might be somewhat at odds with David Cameron's talk of repatriating power from Brussels, but then nobody believes that he is in any way sincere about that, do they?


We Demand A Referendum!

I am delighted with the growing response to the campaign. My staff are kept busy all day with phone calls and correspondence, and was never as confident about any campaign as I am about this one.
Thank you to everybody for your work, your support, and your generous donations. Let's keep the pressure on!

We Demand a Referendum - NEW PARTY

We Demand a Referendum is a new political party which will stand in the 2014 European Elections. We are giving the electorate the chance to directly call for an In Out Eu referendum at the ballot box.

You can join the Facebook group here, and we are on twitter at @lettheppldecide. The website for the new party is at www.wedemandareferendum.org
Please support this new party and pledge your vote for 2014. Those who pledge their vote will receive a FREE pledge card.

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