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Nikki Outside Downing Street

Nikki is one of seven MEPs who represent the West Midlands. She represents the 'We Demand a Referendum NOW' party.

"The UK should leave the EU and be governed by our own parliament in Westminster," Nikki says.

Nikki objects to the undue influence Europe has in the affairs of the West Midlands.

"It is wrong that 75% of our laws are made by the EU - laws that are often problematic for our industry, employment and our infrastructure," Nikki says.

As a Member of the European Parliament Nikki is committed to using her time to campaign on issues that affect the people of the West Midlands: from jobs and the environment to human rights.

Highlighting the waste and influence of the EU, Nikki says, "The EU takes £53 million a day of our money - money better spent in this country, where we need it most, on our hospitals, on our schools and supporting our pensioners."

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